Presentation: How to Effectively Prepare Your Organization’s SharePoint Journey Into the Cloud

Many organizations are looking to invest in the cloud to increase the effectiveness of IT initiatives, reduce cost of in-house operations, increase operational flexibility, and generate a competitive advantage. Through an effective strategy, moving SharePoint to the cloud can enable many companies to do much more with IT by becoming strategy focused and not operations focused.

Cloud-based services are nimble and adaptive, increasing capability to read and react to changing marketplace conditions by responding to customer needs and competitors’ actions. However, like most technology changes, the cloud presents its share of risks and challenges, which are too often overlooked or not fully understood by businesses that are quick to embrace it. Moving to the cloud requires a considerable shift from traditional computing methods and business processes.

Watch this interactive keynote session presented at SharePoint Fest DC as I share effective strategies and guidance on key considerations for your organizations’ SharePoint journey into the cloud.

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