” Dux’s enthusiasm and ability to evangelize and deliver a clear and concise message is excellent! Seeing Dux in action at conferences and the many Social media events he runs makes me want to work that much harder to emulate the terrific work he does with customers , partners and Microsoft. He has built a great message and a great product offering.”

 “This session should have been the keynote! Seriously, how do we relate this to our jobs on Monday? This session answered “

“Dux is an amazing, dynamic speaker. His presentation deck and well-timed tweets really took his session up a notch.”

Dux loves to speak to organizations who want to make shift happen! His pragmatic, energetic and interactive presentation delivery style has captured over 10,000 people worldwide in the last 15 years. He is very comfortable with large audiences, and is passionate in delivering presentations with the following topics:

  • Making Shift Happen: How to Inspire, Transform and Facilitate Purposeful Collaboration
  • BYOD Technology Trends
  • Effectively Drive Governance and Compliance Programs
  • Deliver Project Management Success
  • Facilitate Sustainable Technology Adoption

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